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How Hypnotherapy Can Help


"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." ~ Carl Jung
If you have found your way to this site, then you are looking for a change.  Maybe you have a sense that there is something out there that can help you make your dreams a reality, or perhaps create the change you desire in your life.

Have you ever been in a recurring situation where you have made a decision to start a task, or finish one, only to realize that there is something stopping you from going through with it?  Or how many times have you started on a path of health, exercise and managing your weight, only to realize that you don't have the energy to go through with your decision. How many times did you give up smoking, but you just go back to that old habit of lighting up a cigerrette, telling yourself that I will quit tomorrow? 

How about trying to get over a fear of an animal, or fear of flying, driving, heights, needles, or even death.   Have you tried to manage your stress, or anxiety level with different techniques, only realizing that they do not have a long lasting effect?

When sitting in on an important exam, do you feel overly anxious, or freeze up, and sometimes forget the material, even though you know it so well.  Does your heart start racing a mile a minute, or get sweaty hands, or all you hear is every little noise in the room that make you lose your concentration thus resulting in a lower score? 

If you have encountered any one of the above situations, you are not alone.  We all have moments where we feel that just putting our mind to the task at hand is not enough.  By solely making a decision to do something today or tomorrow, does not make it a reality.  We are all powerful beings, however, we need to be able to tap into that power, and realize that we can draw in from that abundant energy that exists within us to make our dreams into reality.
We need to learn to reconnect to that source that exists within us all.  To find our own truth, and draw from our own strength to achieve our goals. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you to reconnect to that abundant energy that lies within you, so you can finally reclaim your life and make all your dreams a reality.  

Are You Ready to RECONNECT & RECLAIM Your Life? 
Hypnotherapy Can Help​​
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Gita Lalezari, CHt
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