In Person Sessions
What to Expect
Your first session is generally 80-85 minutes long, and it consists of cognitive therapy, along with an in depth explanation of how hypnosis works to change your subconscious programming to achieve the desired goal.  I will create a comfortable, relaxing, hypnotic state to access the subconscious and begin to change the old programming to achieve the desired goal.
All subsequent sessions are 50-55 minutes long, which consits of cognitive therapy as well as a hypnosis session.  Each session will incorporate different modalities to reach the desired result.
How to Book a Session
Booking a hypnosis session for hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy sessions are by appointment only.     To make an appointment, please contact me directly:
Telephone: 310.467.1588
email: [email protected]
Office Location:
2001 S Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90025
I also offer an initial 20 minute free phone consultation to answer any questions or concerns.  
Please note that it may take 3-6 sessions to create the desired lifestyle changes depending on the issue.