Study Skills & Test Anxiety
What is Test Anxiety?
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Test anxiety is an actual psychological condition that involves severe distress before, during and/or after an exam, making it impossible for individuals to produce his/her best work.  Although it is normal to feel some level of anxiety during exams which can actually help individuals to step up and perform at their best.  
However, for some the level of anxiety and nervousness is so strong that it interferes with concentration and performance.   Another factor that can be the cause of this type of anxiety is the importance of an exam, which can play a major factor on the amount of anxiety a person might feel.  
Test anxiety is also known as a type of performance anxiety, where performance really matters.  This sort of anxiety has nothing to do with pre-occupation of the mind where you do poorly on a test as a result.  This type of anxiety will affect and reduce the individuals capacity to think clearly and solve problems accurately.  
Can Hypnosis help?
Yes.  Hypnotherapy is a very effective form of reducing test anxiety and improving academic performance.  Hypnosis is a great tool to reduce anxiety before, and during testing, plus it increases focus, attention, recall and self confidence.

In my practice, I teach my clients techniques to better manage stress, and anxiety during stressful situations.  I use different techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and imagery to help my clients not only reduce stress but to improve their self confidence, focus, recall and attention.  The coping techniques that I teach my clients not only help them cope with test anxiety, but it can also be used in other stressful situations throughout their lives.