1. Through hypnotherapy, Gita helped me deal effectively with my test anxiety as I was preparing to apply to colleges. After my sessions I was also sleeping better and more peacefully. I highly recommend Gita and hypnotherapy, and will definitely go back to Gita as needed.
  2. Hypnotherapy with Gita gave me relief from my anxiety and helped me successfully complete a series of very stressful exams that I had to take at that time. I enjoyed my sessions with Gita and found them to be very relaxing. I believe the hypnotherapy allowed me to perform at my best under stress at critical times without having anxiety compromise my test performance.
  3. Gita is truly a wonderful hypnotherapist! I was having some major anxiety over giving birth when I was pregnant and she helped me overcome my fears. I used all the tools she provided when the big day arrived and I felt calm and relaxed. Because of her I enjoyed my experience of childbirth instead of dreading it. Highly recommend!
  4. Gita is the epitome of what a true professional is and should be. I have never worked with someone who had this much passion about their field. She is invested in the process 100% and has helped me in more ways than I could've ever imagined. I have been overworked and under a tremendous amount of stress which resulted in anxiety, loss of concentration and diminished ability to focus. After a few sessions with Gita I noticed a difference and after only two months I realized a significant improvement on my overall mental and physical state. Gita is present, in the moment and has a solid background in the field of hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend her and her practice to anyone looking to improve using hypnotherapy.
  5. It was recommended that I give Hypnotherapy a try during a particularly stressful time in my life. A family member who worked with Gita previously suggested that I contact Gita. I am extremely pleased that I did. My sessions with Gita enabled me to reclaim my self-confidence and also offered techniques for self-calming and meditation in between sessions. I am delighted to recommend Gita's services.
    Steve C.
  6. Gita, thank you for all of the help and time that you spent with me. Though I of course am still stressed about the whole college process, my main reason to go to hypnotherapy was for two reasons: SAT test anxiety and vomiting from stress in the mornings. - I took many standardized tests before my hypnotherapy sessions and after my sessions with Gita, I went into the SAT and raised 100 points! I was able to go into the test with a clear mind and confidence. - As regards to my stomach, the hypnotherapy has completely eliminated all vomiting from stress. I used to wake up in the morning with overwhelming stress which forced me to vomit, but now I wake up feeling much healthier and confident about each day.